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We're guessing that as a wine lover, you enjoy:

  • ✓ Paying for the juice that's in the bottle, not the big brand name on the label.
  • ✓ Handcrafted wines from small estates made by passionate winemakers who do their thing for love, not money.
  • ✓ Wines you won't find all over the place.

And when looking for the right wines you dislike:

  • ✗ Paying for marketing budgets, instead of high quality wine, that's made in factories to suit big warehouse wine stores.
  • ✗ Estates owned by lawyers, dentists or golf pros.
  • ✗ Wines that you see everywhere, made in a style that suits the mass market – wines without real personality!

Our wine team ensures you only ever receive wines that fall into the first category…

Virgin Wines' buyers go to extreme lengths to bring you the best finds from around Australia and the globe. They get on planes, rent cars, meet inspiring winemakers, practice their French (and Italian and Spanish) and taste their way through 1,000s of wines. That way, you get the good stuff for the very best prices.

Free expert advice from a voice you can trust

Did you know that you have a Personal Wine Advisor who is waiting to meet you? My team of friendly and qualified Wine Advisors know everything about the wines we offer. They are wine-nerds who live and breathe the stuff. This makes them the perfect point of contact for all your wine needs.

Our wine advisor service is tailored for you … Your Personal Wine Advisor will get to know you and your tastes because you'll be talking to the same person each time. Then, using their knowledge of our range, they will be able to help you get the most out of your wine-buying experience.

So, why do you need a Personal Wine Advisor? They free up your time! Haven't got time to search the site or not sure what wines you want? Just call your Wine Advisor and let them help. Your Wine Advisor is your eyes and ears – always on the hunt for new wines that you'll love – and from time to time will call with exciting finds they know you'll enjoy.

Fancy something different? Your Wine Advisor can help you pick something new and interesting. This service isn't about getting the cheapest wines – it's about finding the wines you love.

Just think of your Wine Advisor as your own personal shopper! Task them with ordering the perfect wine for a special occasion or making sure you always have a good selection on hand. Our team thrives on picking out the right bottles for you.


Send an email to one of our friendly Wine Advisors will be teamed up with you - it's so easy! **

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