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Customer Service

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PHONE: 1300 712 870


Attn: Customer Service
Virgin Wines Australia
P.O Box 665
Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012

We're not about to leave you hanging.

At Virgin Wines, we're just as passionate about taking care of our customers as we are about choosing great wines. Whether you're shopping online, by phone or by mail, you can count on our customer service team to be genuinely helpful.

Want Virgin Wines help and advice? Find it here:

  • Check out our FAQ
  • Call us, 1300 712 870.
    Receive one-on-one assistance, from a human (no machines, we promise!).
  • Monday through Friday: 7am to 7pm (AEST), Saturday: 9am to 12.30pm (AEST). Closed Sundays. Open holidays (not including NSW) except Christmas Day & New Years Day.
  • Email us. Anytime - We'll respond within 24 hours.

Shipping Prices:

  • Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney $9.99 per case (Plus Ballarat, Geelong, Gosford, Newcastle and Wollongong) Gold Coast, Ipswich, NSW & VIC Country $12.99 per case, Perth, SA and QLD Country, Sunshine Coast & Tasmania $14.99 per case , Darwin, NT Country Near and WA Country Near $19.99 per case, Northern Territory Remote and WA Country Remote $29.99 per case!

For Delivery Problems - Anytime:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Shipment
  2. Payment
  3. Wine Club Membership
  4. Ordering

These are our member's most frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed in an answer below, please contact us by phone, at 1300 712 870, Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm (AEST) and Saturday 9am to 12.30pm (AEST), or via e-mail.


  1. Q. Can you ship wine to my state?
    A. We currently deliver to all States and Territories of Australia.
  2. Q. What if I can't be home during normal business hours to receive my wine shipment?
    A. The signature of an adult 18 or older is required by law to receive a wine shipment. If you'd like, you can have your wines shipped to your workplace (just remember: you or someone over 18 will still need sign for them). To change your shipping address, e-mail us or call us.
  3. Q. What if I'm not at home when Australia Post delivers my wine?
    A. If you are not at home when Australia Post call, and do not give specific delivery instructions Australia Post will leave a card indicating that they were unable to deliver your wine. Your case/cases will be returned to your nearest Post Office for your collection. A reminder card will be sent to you after five days. Cases not collected within 14 days of the initial attempted delivery will be returned to us and a Virgin Wine Customer Service representative will contact you to arrange further delivery.
  4. Q. Can my order be delivered on a particular day or time?
    A. Unfortunately we're not able to offer this service. (Believe us, we would if we could.)
  5. Q. Can I ship wine as a gift?
    A. Sure. Just make sure that the recipient is over 18. Enter the recipient's address as the delivery address when you place your order. Indicate that the order is a gift during checkout - you'll have the option to include a short gift message and make sure prices aren't displayed on the receipt. As always, someone over 18 will need to sign for the wine when it arrives.
  6. Q. Why didn't all of my bottles arrive with my order?
    A. We aim to pack all orders as efficiently as possible to ensure that your wines reach you as quickly as possible. On occasion, your cases may be packed separately. All cases should arrive within the normal delivery time, but if you have any concerns, email us or call us.
  7. Q. I received different wines from those I ordered. Is this correct?
    A. Because we specialise in boutique wines (big-flavoured wines made in tiny quantities, typically by small estates), we take the chance that we'll run out of the wines we write to you about. Occasionally, we do. Luckily, this can be a great opportunity to explore something new. If we do run out, we'll choose another handcrafted wine of equal or greater value. It'll be as close as possible in style to the original wine offered, and we'll make sure it comes from an equally passionate winemaker. Chances are you'll simply discover a new favourite (or at least customers frequently tell us that's the case). Remember, with our 100% money back guarantee, there's no risk. If you're ever not impressed with a wine, just let us know.
  8. Q. Can you deliver my wine to an Australia Post Parcel Locker?
    A. No, unfortunately Australia Post will not accept wine deliveries to Parcel Lockers.


  1. Q. What type of payment do you accept?
    A. Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  2. Q. How much do I pay for delivery?
    A. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney $9.99 per case
    (Plus Ballarat, Geelong, Gosford, Newcastle and Wollongong)
    Gold Coast, Ipswich, NSW & VIC Country $12.99 per case
    Perth, SA and QLD Country, Sunshine Coast & Tasmania $14.99 per case
    Darwin, NT Country Near and WA Country Near $19.99 per case
    Northern Territory Remote and WA Country Remote $29.99 per case

Wine Club Membership


  1. Q. When will my next Wine Club shipment arrive?
    A. We will reserve a Club case for you approximately every 12 weeks and at Christmas. You can preview each case online before it is shipped. You can manage your cases online via your My Wine Cellar Opens a new window.
  2. Q. Is there a membership fee for the Wine Club?
    A. Nope, there's NO membership fee. And, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time.
  3. Q. What will I pay? How much will I save?
    A. Because we buy direct, we can offer you boutique wines, without the boutique premium. Future Wine Club deliveries (including reds-only and whites-only options) will be $159.99 plus delivery. All-Stars deliveries (including reds-only and whites-only options) will be $189.99 plus delivery. Premiere Reds will be $209.99 plus delivery. That is a saving of at least $50 every time.
  4. Q. Will you tell me about each case before you send it? How will I know when it's on the way?
    A. Your next case is always visible in your online Wine Cellar. You'll always have plenty of time to decide whether you want to take your case.
  5. Q. If I like a wine I received in my club shipment, can I order more?
    A. Of course, go online or call us. Just keep in mind that many of our limited-quantity, small-estate wines sell out quickly. If that happens, our customer service team can definitely help you select a wine you're likely to enjoy just as much.
  6. Q. What if I'm on holiday when my next case is supposed to arrive? Or, if I have too much wine?
    A. No problem. There is no commitment. You can delay delivery or skip a case altogether. Just go to your Wine Plan in your online Wine Cellar, call us or email us.
  7. Q. One of the wines in my upcoming case doesn't appeal. Can I switch wines?
    A. Sure! If you tell us your Wine Preferences Opens a new window in your online My Wine Cellar Opens a new window we will automatically replace varietals or bottles you don't like with something you have told us, you love. Alternatively, you can call one of our trained wine advisors to change any number of wines within your case. Just go online, give us a call or email us.
  8. Q. You've delivered my Wine Club case. I don't want it. What do I do now?
    A. We never want to receive wine you don't want. So, just call us, and we'll take care of it, at no cost to you.


  1. Q. I've ordered before. Do I already have an online account?
    A. Nope. Unless you've gone through the account creation process, you do not have an online account. If you want one, it takes just a few moments to create your account as you go through the checkout process.
  2. Q. What are the benefits of creating an online account?
    A. Creating an account allows you to store shipping addresses and credit cards for use on future purchases, making your future shopping experiences even more convenient. Additionally, you'll be able to view the history of your online orders.
  3. Q. What if I don't want to create an online account?
    A. No problem. If you never created an online account, you're under no obligation to do so. If you have created an online account and would prefer not to use it for a particular order, you can checkout as a guest - just select the "guest" option when prompted for your log-in and password at checkout. Or, give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to place your order for you.
  4. Q. How do you protect my information?
    A. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) software. It's the safest way to send information over the internet. Additionally, your credit card information is encrypted, and only the last 4 digits are displayed in the order confirmation. On top of that Virgin Wines is a member the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) and proudly abides by a strict Code of Practice regarding the handling of your personal details and is committed to acting fairly and honestly in all customer transactions. Safe as houses, but for further information check out our Privacy Policy page for further peace of mind!
  5. Q. Can I change my address or payment online?
    A. Yes, you can update your shipping address, payment information and shipping week along with other great functions to make your shopping experience even more convenient.
  6. Q. Can I manage my wine plan online?
    A. Sure! You can switch to an all-reds, all-whites or mixed selection anytime. Please note that if you do change from, say, a mixed-case to an all-reds case, you will continue to receive an all-reds case until you switch your case preference back to "mixed." You can also store a list of your favourite wines, update your wine preferences, keep track of your orders, and re-order any wine you've enjoyed in the past (as long as we still have it!).
  7. Q. I lost my password, what do I do?
    A. Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link below your Login. Enter the email address on your account and click "submit". The email to reset your password will be sent to you automatically. In the email, you'll be prompted to click a link to a reset page, where you can reset your password.
  8. Q. I'm trying to login and getting a message that my password isn't recognised, what do I do?
    A. Our passwords are case-sensitive and require at least six characters (hey, we like security!). So, if your password isn't working, check two things. One: is the password you're entering at least six characters? Two: are you entering the password exactly as you created it? If the answer to both questions is yes and you're certain that you've already created an online account, use the "Forgot Your Password" link to reset your password.
  9. Q. Can I track my order?
    A. Unfortunately, the service provider we use does not allow you to personally track your order. Having said that, if you call one of our friendly staff on 1300 712 870, they will be able to track your order on your behalf.
  10. Q. Where did you get my name?
    A. Like other major direct mail businesses, we occasionally rent names from authorised suppliers of lists who follow strict consumer data protection protocol. It's possible we got in touch with you in this way.