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International Black Red + FREE Peter Lehmann Shiraz

Enjoy our darkest, most velvety international reds – almost opaque, they promise and deliver profoundly satisfying, full flavour ... plus a Gold-medal 95 point Barossa Shiraz worth $40 – YOURS FREE!

SAVE $98.06
13 btls

Bordeaux Dozen + 1 FREE Bordeaux

This lavish ‘fine dining’ collection is a must for lovers of polished Bordeaux. You’ll save $56 on 12 Gold medallists and enjoy a sumptuous Free bottle worth $36.

SAVE $92.06
13 btls

Bordeaux Six

Six of Bordeaux's best reds... Tasty treats from the world's most sought after wine region.

SAVE $28.03
6 btls

Mature Spanish Reds Dozen + FREE Rioja Gran Reserva

Enjoy an opulent 7-year-old Reserva Rioja from a vintage officially declared ‘Excellent’ (one of only 13 ever) plus three Reservas and two Gran Reservas from fine cellars in Spain’s most dynamic regions.

SAVE $118.06
13 btls

Mature Spanish Red Six

Enjoy Spain's top red discoveries in one stunning Spanish 6-bottle selection. ORDER TODAY!

SAVE $41.03
6 btls

Portugal Dozen + FREE Reserva

Portugal's top reds are just a few clicks away... SAVE an impressive $68 per case and receive a FREE bottle.

SAVE $95.02
13 btls

Portugal Six

A brilliant, bold mix of Portugal's top reds... a stunning 6-pack you're sure to absolutely love.

SAVE $35.01
6 btls

Argentina Dozen + FREE Argentina Malbec

From the sun-kissed vineyards of Argentina come a cracking collection of beautiful 5-star reds.

SAVE $96.05
13 btls

Argentina Six

“At their best they exude panache, complexity, and unbridled ‘deliciousness’” (Neal Martin for Robert Parker)... come and taste what all the fuss is about!

SAVE $30.03
6 btls

Map of Italy Mix

Astonishing Italian reds and whites from the top to the toe of the country... SAVE an impressive $90 a case.

SAVE $90.04
12 btls

Map of Italy Mix Six

Join us and taste the best of the best of Italy from top to toe... 6 wines of absolute class.

SAVE $45.02
6 btls

Map of Italy Reds

Enjoy Italy's top reds from boutique estates and save over $80 per case.

SAVE $87.00
12 btls

Papavero Family Mix

Anywhere, anytime! The hugely popular Papaveros (aka ‘the poppy wines’) are Italy’s friendliest wine family. Winemaker Scipione Giuliani is fiercely proud of Italy and passionate about quality and value!

SAVE $60.00
12 btls